The Mission of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation

  • Vision: To make Atlanta a safe, prepared and nationally leading city in fire safety and protection.

  • Mission: The Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation supports AFRD in saving lives and property by providing essential equipment, training and community engagement to enhance city resources.

  • Our Goal: With over 80% of the budget earmarked for salaries and benefits, the AFRD relies on supplemental private support. AFRF supports the work of AFRD by providing leadership and advancement support to employees, procuring additional equipment and supplies, and enhancing community engagement efforts.

Areas of Impact

  • World Class Talent 
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Community Engagement 

What You Can Do to Help

Your generous donations and attendance at our events supports the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department in doing their jobs safely and efficiently. Consider your gift an investment in your own peace of mind; knowing that when you dial 911, the chances of a successful outcome go up significantly. You may donate online today, write and send a check or money order or speak with any of our Board to make additional donation arrangements. Your gift will make a significant difference to our heroes!

This Is Our Imperative!

Responding to priorities set by the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, we create partnerships to provide resources, programs and equipment that assist firefighters and paramedics in protecting life, property and the environment. They have a tradition of service at the highest level. We are supporting them in maintaining that tradition.

Our Primary Initiatives

  • Atlanta Fire Rescue Department Professional Development and Member Services including the Tuition Scholarship Program and Leadership Development Programs

  • Community Fire Risk Reduction including the Atlanta Smoke Alarm Program (ASAP), Child Safety Seat Program, and the Emergency Preparedness Institute

  • Atlanta Fire Station Productivity providing safety, cleanliness and comfort for Atlanta’s Bravest, our city’s firefighters

  • Atlanta Fire Rescue Department and Community Recognition Programs such as the annual Breakfast with Our Bravest (BWOB) awards ceremony and Annual Firefighters Memorial Tribute

  • Atlanta Fire Foundation Operations Funding towards employing a professional foundation management staff, expanding AFRF’s capabilities to benefit Atlanta

What We Mean

The Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation (AFRF) provides an avenue for businesses, organizations and citizens to donate money or other items to assist the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department (AFRD) in meeting or exceeding its needs and goals. The AFRF was established in 2004 to support the brave men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to fight fires, save property, rescue victims, save lives and protect Atlanta’s residents, businesses and visitors as first responders in the City of Atlanta. 

The events of September 11, 2001 underscored the critical role firefighters and EMS personnel provide for preparedness, continuity and safety of our city. AFRF’s mission is to ensure Atlanta is secure in the grasp of a world class Fire & Rescue Department that continually improves it’s capabilities and capacity to respond to emergencies from the most basic to the most critical and challenging, saving life and property; putting first responders first so they can shield the City from harm.

Why Our Firefighters Need Your Help

The city budget is stretched, and the Fire Department is often asked to do without. Their “can do” attitude has resulted in limited resources to do their job. Imagine working with computers that are more than ten years old, flashlights more than eight years old, flying at night without night vision goggles, buying tools for work from your personal budget.

They are here for us, and we need to be there for them!