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Fire Station Fund

Providing essential equipment and station improvements for Atlanta Firefighters

Atlanta Fire Rescue Department manages 36 fire stations across the city. Over 1,200 firefighters live and work in these facilities, responding to fire and medical emergencies every day. 


Maintaining the station houses and assuring every firefighter has access to the same amenities is a key priority of both the Department and the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation. Donations to the Foundation’s Fire Station Fund help make that possible. 


The primary purpose of the Fire Station Fund is to assure that all station houses are equipped with essential equipment like commercial-grade washers and dryers that remove carcinogens from their turnout gear. Additionally, each station house receives an annual allocation from the Fund to purchase items like exercise equipment and appliances selected by Station residents. 


Supporters who make a $10,000 annual donation to the Fire Station Fund can honor a particular station with their gift. The donor’s name will be added to a recognition plaque at the Fire House and will have the opportunity to visit the station during the year the gift is made.


Station Request Form

Atlanta Fire Rescue stations looking to make a request may be do so by clicking the button below.

Fire Station Fund Approved Items

Major Appliances:

3 Refrigerator (1 per shift)

Stove with Hood/Griddle

Residential Washer/ Dryer

Commercial Washer/Dryer

Outdoor Grill/Smoker

Ice Maker

A/C Units

Air Compressor

Power Tools

Lawn Mowers

Landscape Equipment

Outdoor Storage 

New American Flags

Workout Equipment:

Stair Climber


Rowing Machine


Stationary Bike

Air Bike

Jacob's Ladder

Dumbbell Sets



Plyo Boxes

Smith MAchine

Training Equipment:

Forceable Entry Door Simulator

Fire Rescue Duty Manikin

Weighted Vest

Fire Base Smoke Generator


Recliners (# based on staff)


Office Chairs



Sleeping Bags


Dorm and Desk Lamps


Blinds and Curtains


Complete Dish Sets

Drinking Cups

Coffee Cups

Complete Flatware Sets

Pots and Pans

Storage Containers

Baking Dishes

Serving Pans and Lids

Small Appliances:

Coffee Makers



Electric Mixer


Air Fryer

Small Griddle

Recreational Equipment:


Pool Table and Accessories

Ping Pong Table and Accessories

Sound System

The primary focus of the fire station fund is achieving equity and ensuring that all Atlanta fire stations have access to the same amenities. As a result, our intention is to have every station represented with a minimum of $5,000 in funding available to them throughout the year. Your support makes that possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a supporter select a station to honor with their donation.

Answer: The Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation assists in matching every supporter's donation with an Atlanta Fire station needing support.

Can a supporter select which station they want their donation to go to?

Answer: Yes, however, based on the needs of the Department, the Foundation prefers to match funders with underrepresented stations to ensure that every fire house receives support.

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