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Fleet Forward

Raising $3 million through public private partnerships to purchase Atlanta's first ever electric fire engine and EV quick response vehicles.

On December 6, 2023 the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation (AFRF) announced the launch of Fleet Forward to help address the equipment needs of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department (Department or AFRD) through increased innovation and sustainability with a $500,000 inaugural gift from Norfolk Southern. Working with private sector partners, AFRF seeks to raise $3 million, through the Fleet Forward project to pilot and purchase the Department’s first ever electric fire engine and EV quick response vehicles. EV options are considered easier to service and repair than diesel trucks and align with the city’s commitment from 2017 to increase the EV readiness of the city and to ensure Atlanta remains a leading city in sustainability. EV fleet integration will generate:

  • Significant long-term cost savings, 

  • 50% less maintenance on average, 

  • Reduction in the usage of diesel gasoline,

  • Minimized apparatus repairs, and 

  • A Decrease in life safety issues such as carcinogens resulting from diesel fumes in and around fire station bays.

Once completed, the Fleet Forward project will showcase AFRD as a fire and emergency response industry leader.


Project Partners


Project Implementation

December 6, 2023:  Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation (AFRF) launches Fleet Forward capital campaign advancing increased innovation and sustainability with $500,000 inaugural gift from Norfolk Southern.

Campaign Announcement


It is our commitment as a Foundation to transparently communicate updates and progress in a timely and efficient manner. Additional updates coming soon.

Illustrative Rendering 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of electric fire engine will be purchased through Fleet Forward?


Rosenbauer RTX

Why an electric fire engine?​

The RTX was designed with a broader purpose beyond serving as just an electric fire engine; its design aimed to greatly improve the day-to-day operational experience firefighter’s encounter.


For instance, the RTX is equipped with adjustable suspension that provides a variable ride height. When stationed at the firehouse or upon arrival at the scene, the RTX can lower to just 7 inches of ground clearance, facilitating easier entry and exit from the cab, as well as access to equipment and hoses in the body. As urban areas become increasingly congested, the RTX was also designed to be highly maneuverable, featuring an aggressive front cramp angle and all-wheel steering.

The significant improvement in the health and safety of firefighters stands out as one of the primary benefits of the RTX being electric. For example, the RTX operates almost silently during most tasks, substantially reducing noise levels at the emergency scene. This makes the work easier for firefighters, alleviates stress, and benefits nearby residents. Lastly, but not least, the RTX is emission-free during periods when extended pumping operations are not required, significantly enhancing health and safety conditions for firefighters.

What is the range of the RTX electric fire engine?

In the high stake's world of firefighting, the ability to respond instantly is paramount.  Rosenbauer designed the RTX to meet the uncompromising demand for readiness, as demonstrated by historical call data from Los Angeles, where an impressive 98-99% of emergency calls seamlessly fall within its full battery power range.


On average, each call consumes anywhere from 7-20% of the RTX's battery power, leaving a substantial portion available for subsequent responses. This showcases the efficiency of our electric vehicle technology in handling the typical short-distance operations. The vehicle can then rapidly recharge from 75% back to full battery capacity in approximately 20-25 minutes, ensuring a quick turnaround and optimal readiness for the next mission.


For the 1-2% of incidents that require extended operations, the RTX is equipped with an energy backup system that automatically engages when the batteries fall to a 20% state of charge . This system seamlessly recharges the batteries and powers the pump, ensuring an additional 4-6 hours of operational capability before the vehicle either needs to be recharged or refueled.


It is important to note that the RTX is not just an electric fire truck; it's a testament to readiness, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.  The RTX has many additional features that were designed to enhance the the health and safety of the firefighters, but also improve the working conditions they face day-in and day-out.

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