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The primary purpose of the Fire Station Fund is to assure that all station houses are equipped with essential equipment. Supporters who make a $10,000 annual donation to the Fire Station Fund can honor a particular station with their gift as well as enhance the overall living conditions at Atlanta fire houses. 

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The Tuition Assistance Program provides firefighters an opportunity to pursue post-secondary educational degrees with the help of financial resources.

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Camp Ignite is designed for young women ages 14 to 18, to participate in an intensive weekend program that provides a comprehensive introduction to better understand what it takes to be a firefighter and EMT.

Upcoming Camp: April 5-7, 2024.

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Additional Programs:

Housing for Heroes is a downpayment assistance program designed to help Atlanta Firefighters achieve the American dream of homeownership.

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Junior Recruit Program

The Junior Recruit Program welcomes High school Juniors and Seniors to participate in a program during the academic school year that provides career readiness and certifications for students who are interested in the fire service industry.

The Young Professionals are a collective group of emerging leaders and community-minded young professionals interested in supporting city heroes through giving, volunteerism, and advocacy.

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  • Atlanta Community Emergency Response Team (ACERT)

  • AFRD Scholarship Fund

  • Atlanta Smoke Alarm Program (ASAP)

  • Rising Phoenix Leadership Institute (RPLI)

If you’d like more information about our programs, get in touch today. or call 404-549-7853

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